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2 oz. Blueberry Squalane Oil - Day

2 oz. Blueberry Squalane Oil - Day

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Remember being told how beneficial eating blueberries are for our bodies? Well, imagine the benefits of absorbing its oil into your largest organ - your skin. Full of antioxidants to reverse aging skin and damaged hair, Blueberry Seed Oil will naturally enhance your beauty routine. This nutrient rich oil helps prevent sun and photo damage. It improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, dryness, and skin lines. It also can aid in the relief of itchy, scaly, irritated skin from conditions of eczema and psoriasis. 

The squalane used is vegan, sourced from olives, and is a lightweight oil that quickly absorbs. Squalane is found naturally in the skin but diminishes greatly as we age. Replinishing your skin with this oil will leave it plump, youthful looking, and hydrated without the greasy feel.

This combination is highly beneficial for those with eczema, psoriasis, and acne. It also encourages hair growth, tames flyaways, and hydrates dry, flaky scalp.

Plus, it smells like fresh picked blueberries. You gotta try it. 

*Non-irritating, non-comedogenic, and suitable for all skin types, including dry, sensitive, oily, and acne-prone.

*Vegan & Cruelty-Free. No harsh chemicals, no parabens, no artificial colors, fragrances, or dyes.

Ingredients: Pure Plant-Based Squalane Oil*ø (derived from olives), Unrefined Blueberry Seed Oil*, Lavender Sprig*ø

*-Organic ø-Non-GMO

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