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Benefits of Using Sugar Scrubs

What makes Erica’s Organic Sugar Scrubs so great for your skin?  Well, let’s just say it’s a sweet treat for rough, dry, unruly skin.  Your skin is the largest organ and how you care for it matters.  Erica’s Organics is an eco-friendly company that creates high quality handmade products that promote and encourage healing. 

Why Sugar?  Sugar is a natural way to exfoliate and soften skin.  It’s a humectant, meaning it hydrates the skin by drawing moisture out of the environment and into the skin.  In the world of Erica’s Organics it’s the ultimate superfood for skin!

So…What is Sugar?  Let’s break it down.  Sugar is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and it contains Glycolic Acid.  Glycolic Acid, in layman’s terms, is a skin ingredient that removes dead skin cells revealing a smoother skin texture and a more even skin tone.  It’s derived from fruit acid and is used to improve the overall health and appearance of skin.

How can I benefit from a sugar scrub?  Did you know that everyday skin is exposed to dirt build up, sun damage, pollution and stress?  Sugar scrubs are a gentle way to exfoliate and remove all the sludge and dead skin cells, therefore, bringing vibrant and glowing new skin to the surface.  Because sugar contains Glycolic Acid it’s able to penetrate deep into the skin, making it an effective treatment for acne, blackheads, oiliness, fine lines and dullness. To add, sugar scrubs improve hyperpigmentation, are an effective and safe skin brightener and they magically restore skin to a healthy pH level.     

In a nutshell, sugar scrubs are the best natural way to nurse skin back to a youthful, healthy glow!  Erica’s Organics sugar scrub is so natural you could eat it!  In the next few weeks we are excited to share some of the ingredients we use in our products. These ingredients help in accelerating the benefits of using sugar scrubs. It’s important to know what you put in your body and on it and we are elated to inform you about skin health while also helping you on your skincare journey!


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