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Scrubbing for Summer

Summer is in full effect — which means your skin has been exposed and in need of some extra TLC. This beach season, before we slip into those sexy swim suits, tank tops and flirty skirts, let’s not forget to exfoliate!  There’s no better way to pamper and prepare your delicate skin than by giving it some extra love with Erica’s Organics Sugar Scrubs.

It’s easy to slack off your beauty regimen in winter months but sweltering temperatures and sun exposure can wreak havoc on your skin.  Year after year dead skin cells build up causing skin to look dry, dull and flaky.  Exfoliating can reveal smoother skin, fade dark spots, prolong a great tan and even minimize the appearance of cellulite.  Yes, ladies — dead skin on the surface of your skin can make dimpling look worse and our sugar scrubs help buff out those deep dimples and make them less noticeable!  

Have you ever had issues with bumps and hyperpigmentation along your bikini line or on your face?  Shaving and waxing can cause ingrown hair and irritation which result in bumps, swelling and dark spots.  Our sugar scrubs contain ingredients that will help fade those pesky spots, reduce swelling and help heal bumpy skin.

We all want beautiful radiant skin, especially in the summer months when skin is most exposed.  When we get a nice sun tan we want it to last for months!  Erica’s Organics Sugar Scrubs are packed with natural oils and astringents that will keep your goddess glow dazzling!  We are committed to using the best quality ingredients to help you have a phenomenal scrubbing experience.  Choose to be fabulous this summer and use our high quality scrubs to move toward skin perfection!

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