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Beyonce’s 'Lemonade' Got You Feeling All Lemony? Here’s Why Lemons Are So Good for Your Skin

Do you suffer from dark spots, acne spots, age spots, hyperpigmentation? Well ladies and gents, that's what our lemon meringue scrub was made for! Food-grade lemon oil and fresh lemon peel are just a few of the natural healing ingredients we use and below are reasons why this scrub is our oh-so-fabulous #1 seller!

Did you know using products with lemon can help reduce acne, nourish damaged skin and hydrate skin? Yes and it even has a fresh clean scent and therapeutic properties that make your mind and body feel like it’s just been baptized in the fountain of youth! 

Lemon oil is one of the most powerful acne fighting oils. It contains a list of power packed ingredients like antioxidants, vitamin C and citric acid which goes to war on acne causing germs, increases collagen production and reduces scarring. Citric acid and Vitamin C are two warriors that shield skin cells from premature aging by power-punching free radicals right in the face!  

One of the many benefits of putting lemon oil in our awesome lemon meringue scrub is its astringent and oil control properties. It reduces excess oil on skin by shrinking large pores, making it the perfect skin toner. Like lemon peel, lemon oil helps in eliminating blackheads. Due to its skin tightening and oil controlling effects this remarkable ingredient can prevent blackheads from even forming! Now that’s a great reason to try a slice of lemon meringue… scrub, that is!  The citric acid in lemon oil is a powerful, safe and natural way to peel away hyperpigmentation and scars.  Also, it’s a natural way to bring balance to your skin’s pH and a balanced pH is essential to bring out bright glowing skin! Erica’s Organics is doing all we can to help keep your skin healthy, smooth and flawless… just the way it was intended!

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